Certainly the process of salvation and growth is widely different for each individual. Yet we all seem to have some essential needs and questions to answer.

Below are some tools that may be helpful for the individual and the parish evangelism leader.

Orthodoxy is summoned to witness. Now more than ever the Christian West stands before divergent prospects, a living question addressed also to the Orthodox world… The ‘old polemical theology’ has long ago lost its inner connection with any reality. Such theology was an academic discipline, and was always elaborated according to the same western ‘textbooks.’ A historiosophical exegesis of the western religious tragedy must become the new ‘polemical theology.’ But this tragedy must be reendured and relived, precisely as one’s own, and its potential catharsis must be demonstrated in the fullness of the experience of the Church and patristic tradition. In this newly sought Orthodox synthesis, the centuries-old experience of the Catholic West must be studied and diagnosed by Orthodox theology with greater care and sympathy than has been the case up to now… The Orthodox theologian must also offer his own testimony to this world — a testimony arising from the inner memory of the Church — and resolve the question with his historical findings.”

- Georges Florovsky, Ways of Russian Theology II, pp. 302-304


Learn about Orthodoxy ACORN audio files

Free downloads on Church History, Orthodox Worship and Spirituality as well as Contemporary issues. Many are using this series for inquirers and Catechumen.

Evangelism worksheet - simple tool to organize and plan a plan for building up the church.

Analyze your parish program - simple tool to see where your prarish may need additional ministries

Activity Planning worksheet - centered on Youth organizing their own activities, this simple tool can help anyone plan and organize a meeting or activity

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