Fr. Thomas (Hopko) examines the post-modern world's deconstruction of man, particularly as presented in C. S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man.

What is going on today...and what we should do about it.


Books by Fr. Hopko


Part 1 - 6  each is about 15 min. long

 Part 1 Introduction

Listen to Fr Hopko's lessons:


Part 2

Men without chests

The heart, the image of God, - the nous - the intuitive faculty that makes man a man.

If destroyed, we are not human beings any longer...just a brain and a body.



Part 3

We have become Computers and Copulators.

The PP words: Power, Pleasure, Possessions, Properties, Profits, Positions, Prestige

The oligarchy desides what that is going to be for people. and that they know better.


Part 4


Part 5

 Part 6

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