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These programs were originated by the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese as a series of Orthodox Educational Programs suitable for local radio broadcast.. They were professionally produced and made available for local communities to purchase time on local radio stations. The project was abandoned after producing 5 series of broadcasts. Below is the first series which makes good basic material for the inquirer and catechumen. Each is about 1/2 hour long. They are in a streaming audio format using Windows Media Player 9.

These series of programs are very informative providing information for the those who would like to grow in their understanding of Orthodox Christian Faith and Practice.

I have only found 4 years of programs. If anyone has the 5th series, please write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Who are the Orthodox Christians? - Fr. Peter Gillquist answers the question "What on earth is the Orthodox Church?" 25% of Christendom is part of the Orthodox Church, with 6M in the US...What do they believe and where did they come from? Fr. John Badeen continues to explain this "same faith" that unites the faithful around the world.
What is the Audit Trail of Orthodox Christianity? - Fr. John Badeen explains the history of the Bible is the history of Orthodoxy in this study on Apostolic Succession. Fr. Joseph Shadah explains the Holy Orders or Holy Ordination and its hierarchical nature.


Are Orthodox Christians born again?



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