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AffiliateStation was created by 2 old Christian guys that were looking for something to do during retirement to help Non Profit organizations easily make extra money.

We have tried scripts, but have never had much success with just seems to difficult.

So, we came up with this idea.

Many major companies offer affiliate programs that offer a percentage of each sale to their affiliate. Amazon, for one, encourages anyone to become an affiliate and will pay 5 - 15% of each item purchased to the person or entity who is their affiliate.

Although organizations can do this on their own, many do not have the skills to do it and it becomes difficult to manage. New programs and new merchants are difficult to keep up on and also difficult to communicate to members.

Here is our solution. AffiliateStation is your one stop shop for your organization to become an affiliate.

We do all the heavy lifting...and receive a commission for providing an easy to use process that can be implemented and maintained with little effort.

All your organization needs to do is register on AffliateStation. As soon as your Non Profit is verified, you will receive a tracking ID that is your organizations link to success.

You just have to give it out to your members. When they use this link the first time, our software puts their activities under your account. If they use any of our selected affiliates, your organization will receive a commission.


What you need to do:

Register your Non Profit Organization filling out the registration form.

  • You must supply documentation of your Non Profit status and upload it to your system.
  • Our staff will approve your membership and you will be notified by email...also receiving your tracking ID unique to your group.

Next, you just email the link out to your people asking them to register. This one time registration puts them under your organization permanently...and all their activity is shown in your account.

When they log in, they merely select the merchant from our page, and it will take them to that merchant's catalog of items. It is painless and easy to do...and anything they purchase will give your organization a commission.

After checking out on the merchant's page, they must return to AffiliateStation and upload their receipt.

We will verify the purchase, and your organization will receive the commission.

All purchases must be made online.

Easy P-easy!


There is no charge for registration of either your organization or any of your members!

AffiliateStation does retain 2% of your commission to support our efforts.

We provide links to many affiliate programs including Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart...etc