ACORN Series III includes 13 half hour programs on Orthodox Spirituality.

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Fasting - A Spiritual Diet        

Prayer and the Book of Job        

Marriage and Family Life        

What is Sin?        

Religion and Politics        

Prayers for the Departed        

The Lord's Prayer         

The Orthodox Belief About Saints         

Worry and Stress        

12 Step Program - Part I         

12 Step Program - Part II         

12 Step Program - Part III        


Short exerpts from this series are found below.

King David

Oh Lord I have cried out unto Thee

Recommended Reading List

St. Romanos

Blessed Be the Lord

Russian Iconography

Russian Orthodox Classical Music Masters


Question: What are the differences between Orthodox Churches?



St. Christina

St. Myrope

Troparion to St. Michael

In the Red Sea

Icons Misunderstood

Icons & Islam


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